January’s Early Member Registration Is Here—Find Your Creative Calling!

By Cathy Niland | 1.22.2020

Hundreds of classes running April–June just opened for January’s early member registration! The first two weeks of registration are open exclusively to Crucible members, who also receive 10% off class tuition, invitations to exclusive member events, and more. A yearlong Crucible membership starts at $75. Public registration starts Tuesday, February 4.

To help you navigate our latest batch of class offerings, we’ve pulled together a list of the highlights running this Spring. Find out which classes won in coveted categories like Best 001011010 Class and Class Most Likely To Improve Core Strength, and which class received Executive Director, Susan Mernit’s official stamp of approval.

Being a member at The Crucible has inspired me to try more classes in areas I might not have considered otherwise. This has exposed me to new media and techniques while getting to develop connections in the community around The Crucible. The discounted classes, early regstration, and access to events for members is a fantastic perk. The Crucible is a very special, one-of-a-kind place to make.

– Robert Graf
Crucible Member

You can also check out our full collection of upcoming classes in our latest digital catalog. Members get first pick on rare and popular classes like Design and Make Your Own Waffle Iron and Elegant Stacking Rings, plus a 10% off discount on sign-up. Don’t wait to get started on your next creative journey–become a member today!

204 Classes Just Opened For January’s Early Member Registration.

Here are the highlights!


Best Class To Practice Multiplication Without Math

Making Multiples: Slip Casting Ceramics: Create ceramic multiples of your favorite vessels or sculptures using clay slip.


Class Most Likely To Tell You If It’s Windy

Wind Chimes: Weld your own eye-catching wind chime using plasma cut steel and assorted chain and hooks.


Best Class For The Newbie Welder

Exploring Welding: Sample four types of welding—oxy-acetylene, arc/stick, MIG, and TIG—in one weekend.


Best Class To Help You Appreciate Mt. Rushmore

Stone Carving: With hammer and chisel you can transform a raw stone in your unique lasting creation.


Class Most Likely To Improve Core Strength

Fire Hula Hoop I: Construct a practice PVC hoop and learn on-body and off-body moves with and without fire.


Best Class For Getting Silly With Silicone

Moldmaking with Silicone and Plaster: Build a silicone mold encased in plaster that will capture the most intricate details of your object.


Best 001011010 Class

Arduino Microcontrollers: Building Smart Art: Make intelligent art that can sense and respond to stimuli in the real world.


Best Class To Take Before Father’s Day (Or If You Just Want To Sit Down More)

Wooden Bench: Use power tools and hand tools to create a simple wooden bench with strong joinery.


Class Most Likely To Save You Money

Flat Fix: Learn to uninstall a wheel and fix a flat on a bicycle and how to appropriately use patches for only $25!


Most Fancy Schmancy

Elegant Stacking Rings: Make a set of stackable rings from sterling silver, copper, brass, and gold fill.


Most Popular Class At The Crucible

Blacksmithing I: Learn to forge steel and create multiple small projects, including a spoon, knife, fork, and hook.


Best Class For (Not) Losing Your Marbles

Beginning Marbles: Create nature’s most perfect form—the sphere—in glass! You will make clear gravity marbles, outside twists, the ribbon, and the eyeball.

It’s not too late to access January’s early member registration!

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These Classes Only Run Once A Year


Design & Make Your Own Waffle Iron

Design a 7” waffle iron with your unique pattern, then cast it at the spectacular iron pour.


Fred Ball Experimental Enameling Techniques

Practice contemporary enameling techniques to create abstract and unique designs on metal.

Adventures in Soft Glass: Fabulous Fish

Learn structural and delightful decorative glass flameworking techniques to sculpt fabulous solid and hollow-bodied fish.

20th Anniversary Re-cap

Metal Clay Forms From Nature

Create beautiful fine silver jewelry such as pendants, earrings, or charms from real leaves using metal art clay and paste.

Brand New Offerings!


Bundle Dyeing

Bundle dye gorgeous colors onto silk and cotton using flowers, eucalyptus, and food scraps.

Imagery on Glass

Use a sandblaster and engraving tools to translate your ideas and imagery into glass.

Advanced Sculpting in Metal Clay

Using silver metal clay, design and create sculptural art that has a strong narrative, focusing on pieces that provoke memory, emotion, or tell a story.

3D Modeling II

Dig into advanced modeling techniques for Autodesk CAD software, creating workflows for designing, prototyping, and finishing functional design or art objects.

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