by Cathy Niland

The 2019 Fall Open House Guide is here! Join us on Saturday, September 7 from 12-5pm for a day full of free art, community, performances, demonstrations, and more! This family-friendly event is guaranteed to deliver the fun with eight different hands-on activities and demonstrations in 17 different departments. We’ve compiled a list of what not to miss at our upcoming 2019 Fall Open House, designed to help you get the very most out of your event.

2019 Fall Open House Guide:

12:30pm: What Is Wet Welding?

Location: MIG Welding
Underwater welding is the most dangerous welding around—visit our Welding Department to hear a brief history on welding underwater and what makes it so dangerous. Then try it yourself in our 100% safe wet welding hands-on!

12:45pm: Foundry Pour in Bronze

Location: Foundry Department 
Hot molten liquid bronze. No, it’s not the name of a band, but rather the description for the foundry pour you’ll see in the Foundry Department so soon after arriving! We don’t waste any time getting the fire started.

1:00pm: Executive Director Susan Mernit Says Hi

Location: Main Stage
Arts and creativity are a part of what makes Oakland special for all of us—and The Crucible is a huge part of that. Listen to Susan Mernit, The Crucible’s Executive Director, talk about how we are working to keep our space and our programs accessible to everyone who’s interested.

1:15pm: Fire Performance

Location: Main Stage
Fire is as frightening as it is mesmerizing, so trust us when we say our Fire & Performance faculty will have you on your toes during their two main stage performances.

1:30pm Blacksmithing demo

Location: Blacksmithing
Watch metal be shaped and reshaped during a live demonstration in our Blacksmithing studio. With the help of a furnace, hammer, and anvil, Crucible faculty member, Chris Niemer, will demonstrate the magic of the Smithy. This is sure to be one hot demo (literally).

1:45pm: Enameling With A Torch

Location: Jewelry & Enameling
Mosey over to the Jewelry studio for a live demo on torch enameling, a technique that creates beautiful, multifaceted color on copper jewelry. If you get hooked, don’t worry, our brand-new Torch Fired Enameling course starts November 2.

2:00pm: Capturing Hearts With Glass Beads

Location: Glass Flameworking
Ever wondered how you flamework glass with a hole through it? Learn the secrets behind flameworking beads during this live demonstration where Janet Hayes will be forming colorful heart-shaped beads. A perfect demo for you and your loved ones.

2019 Fall Open House The Crucible

2:15pm: Prescott Circus Theatre

Location: Main Stage
The cutest circus in town is visiting The Crucible’s Main Stage. Students from Prescott Circus will show off their juggling, acrobatics, improvisation, balancing, clowning, and so much more. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

2:30pm Blowing Venetian-Style Goblets

Location: Glass Blowing
Master glass blower, Erik Eiserling, will be showing off his skills in Venetian glass blowing in our Hot Shop. Considered one of the most challenging techniques, Venetian glass blowing has been practiced for 1,500 years, and now it’s your turn to take part in its rich history.

3:00pm: How to Make a Silicone Mold

Location: Moldmaking
SIlicone molds can be used to cast a number of materials including wax, resin, concrete, and plaster. Watch moldmaking expert Billy Hiebert apply silicone to an object and build a plaster case.

3:15pm: Fire Performance

Location: Main Stage
Didn’t catch the first Fire & Performance display at 1:15? Or maybe you did and you want to see more? Either way, our Fire and Performance faculty will set the main stage a blaze during their follow-up performance.

3:30pm: Decorative Sandblasting and Engraving

Location: Glass Casting & Coldworking
Watch Glass Casting & Coldworking Department Head, Daniel Stauber, use a ring saw and lathe to sandblast and engrave decorative designs into glass.

3:45pm: Making Multiples with Slipcasting

Location: Ceramics
Ever wondered how ceramicists get perfect matching multiples? See how slipcasting works when our Ceramics faculty pours liquid clay into molds.

4:15pm Bronze Foundry Pour

Location: Foundry Department 
We are bringing our Foundry up on the Main Stage—so everyone can see just what liquid bronze really looks like. Don’t miss this spectacle of fire, metal, and light.

And don’t forget before you go, stop by our registration table for on-the-spot $25 off classes. This is an Open House exclusive you don’t want to miss!

See you next Saturday!

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