2017 Youth Impact Report – What A Fantastic Year!


In a time when expressing creativity as an act of resistance and learning STEAM skills are both critical to thrive, The Crucible’s youth programs are an ever more essential part of our vision and mission. Learn more about our Youth Programs 2017 impact!

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High Schoolers Make Waves In The Studio


This summer, our second year Fuego Youth Leaders were in for a surprise. They returned to the studios, ready to get to work, only to find out they had been commissioned to create a multidisciplinary sculpture for the corporate offices of Schnitzer Steel.

High Schoolers Make Waves In The Studio2019-06-21T16:53:36-07:00

High Schoolers Inspire In The Studio


Our 2018 Fuego Youth Leaders blew us away with their final projects! See what they made in the studio.

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I Am The Crucible: Ismael Plasencia


Ismael “Iz” Plasencia first came to The Crucible to drop off his little brother for a welding class. When he saw how our Youth Programs were getting youth excited about the industrial arts, he knew he had to get involved. We sat down with Iz to reflect on his years here and what he is the most proud of.

I Am The Crucible: Ismael Plasencia2019-06-21T16:31:30-07:00

How Art Heals: Pediatric Cancer Patients Create at The Crucible


Through a partnership with the Kids & Art Foundation, we hosted fifteen young people in workshops to inspire creativity, relieve pain, and heal through art.

How Art Heals: Pediatric Cancer Patients Create at The Crucible2019-06-18T13:32:44-07:00

Unifying The Crucible: Pre-Apprentice Program Archway


Students participating in our Pre-Apprentice Program worked with The Crucible’s Blacksmithing, Machine Shop, and Welding Departments to build an archway for the main student entrance. The archway is made up of a series of gears, and each gear represents each of The Crucible’s 19 departments. Which is your favorite gear?

Unifying The Crucible: Pre-Apprentice Program Archway2019-06-21T13:41:33-07:00

See What Fuego Youth Leaders Gained for Life


Our 2017 Fuego Youth Leaders had a great summer, shadowing instructors, working as teaching assistants, visiting local industrial arts studios, and making final projects in their disciplines!

See What Fuego Youth Leaders Gained for Life2019-06-21T13:28:29-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Gabrael Bey


With 15 Crucible classes under his belt, Gabrael can proudly claim that at age 12 he has already taken more classes than the majority of Crucible students. We sat down with him to hear about his favorite Crucible moments so far!

I Am The Crucible: Gabrael Bey2019-06-21T13:48:51-07:00

Where The Student Becomes The Teacher


Eight students who grew up participating in our Youth Programs have joined our regular faculty! Many of these new instructors were able to take classes at The Crucible because of the scholarship opportunities made possible by our generous donors. Here are their stories.

Where The Student Becomes The Teacher2019-06-21T14:10:10-07:00

2014 Fuego Youth Interns Celebrate Two Years of Art at The Crucible


Sponsorship from West Oakland CASS (Custom Alloy Scrap Sales) makes it possible


On Thursday, July 24, The Crucible welcomed friends, family, mentors, and instructors of our 2014 Fuego Youth Interns to celebrate the accomplishments of their two-year appointments.

Fuego07Fuego began in 2010 with six students selected to intern for faculty in welding, foundry, glass flameworking, jewelry, and blacksmithing. It quickly expanded to include twelve interns, three apprentices, and a broader range of internship fields with the help of sponsor and West Oakland neighbor, CASS, Inc. (Custom Alloy Scrap Sales). Now in its fifth year, Fuego has provided paid summer and school year opportunities for 30 young people.

During the Fuego program, interns focus on developing their artistic and technical skills, learning leadership skills, supporting The Crucible’s youth classes, and discussing professional development and exhibition preparation with well established Bay Area artists. Under the leadership of Carla Hall, Youth Program Director, and Stephanie Krause, Fuego Coordinator, interns actively participate in the organization and implementation of the youth summer camps, as well as in leadership development and training components taking place before, during, and after camp classes.

The 2014 Fuego reception featured a gallery of artwork created during their internship, showcasing their technical progression and growth. The interns also gave first-hand accounts of what the internship opportunity had meant to them and what they will take with them as they leave the program. Fuego mentors also shared with friends and family about the strengths and transformative changes they had seen in the interns’ lives over the course of their experiences. A highlight of the evening was the reveal of a custom-made artwork presented to CASS, Inc. to honor their years of sponsorship support of the program. The CASS sign, developed as a group project, represented each intern’s industrial art focus area–glass blowing, flameworking, MIG and TIG welding, jewelry, metal casting, and blacksmithing.

We congratulate 2014 Fuego interns Adbdollah Hamdan, Te’von Hayes, David MacDannald, Tiffany Sanders, Juan Ruiz, Maliq Nathaniel, Jazmine Schwinges-Williams, Gemma Baumer, Munirah Harris, and Jerrick Le. They have shown passion, hard work and dedication, and we know they will go on to do great things in our community.

Special thanks to Kris Karmichael and her team for catering and providing such wonderful service, drinks, and desserts for our families. In addition, our continued thanks to CASS, Inc. for fiscal and in-kind sponsorship of Fuego and our other youth programs.

For more information on how you can support/participate with the Fuego program, please contact Carla Hall, Youth Programs Director.


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