Oxy-Acetylene Torch Cutting


Learn to cut through steel with an oxy-acetylene torch quickly and cleanly, cutting a letter, number, or unique shape of your choice.

Oxy-Acetylene Torch Cutting2019-10-18T14:25:39-07:00

Metal Clay


Work with the magical material metal clay, perfecting rolling, texture, and carving techniques to create a copper miniature (3-hour) or pendant (4-hour).

Metal Clay2019-10-23T12:40:11-07:00

Hot Sculpted Glass


Learn to sculpt hot glass, including how to gather, marver, shape, and sculpt glass flowers (2-hour) or unique colorful paperweights (3-hour).

Hot Sculpted Glass2019-10-18T14:29:20-07:00

Glass Blowing


Learn the basics of blowing glass, including how to gather, marver, shape, and blow your own small tumbler.

Glass Blowing2019-10-18T14:29:37-07:00

Glass Flameworking


Heat borosilicate glass with a torch, then shape molten glass into colorful pendants, marbles, or paperweights.

Glass Flameworking2019-10-18T14:31:11-07:00

Leather Journal


Cut, fold, and sew a leather-bound bullet journal, then make it your own by adding texture, color, and shine.

Leather Journal2019-10-23T12:39:14-07:00
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