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How To Cast Jewelry In 7 Steps

The possibilities of what you can create with wax, fire, and molten metal are endless. Casting jewelry and sculptures from wax makes it easy to capture fine details in your piece, the process is cost and time effective, and it gives you the ability to make multiples of the same piece.

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Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing Classes Learn the skills and techniques in a variety of methods of jewelry making, from traditional metalsmithing and fabrication, to casting metal using the lost wax method, setting gemstones or shaping modern resin and clay. Our classes allow you to create original pieces of jewelry or small sculptures, expand your knowledge of specific techniques, or even make your own tools and design a home studio! Shop Upcoming Classes Upcoming Bay Area

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FIRED UP! Spring and Summer Camps

Keep your young artist all fired up this Spring & Summer at The Crucible’s 8th Annual FIRED UP! Youth Camp. With 30 classes (all age-appropriate) in half-day format, these weeklong adventures will spark creativity from start to finish. Sign up for a morning (9am–12pm,) an afternoon (1–4pm,) or both! We offer a supervised lunch hour, where students will have an opportunity to eat, play, and forge friendships. FIRED UP! camps are all beginner level, and our instructors are experts in guiding youth

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COVID-19 – We Are Committed to Keeping You Safe

COVID-19 - We Are Committed to Keeping You and Our Staff Safe As an industrial arts school dedicated to safety, we are working hard to implement best practices in order to keep you and our staff and faculty healthy and safe. We are following guidelines put forth by the Alameda County Public Health Department, the City of Oakland, the State of California, the Center for Disease Control, the federal government, and the World Health Organization. COVID changes

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