tracey nelsen

Tracey Nelsen

Teaching Since: 2016
Involved Since: 2016
Department(s): Jewelry, Welding
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Hello creative community! I work with metal to make anything from tiny, delicate jewelry to large-scale interactive sculptures. My artistic inspirations revolve around my midwest roots; I feel the elements of the Earth mixed with chemically created processes have a distinct relationship that can be shown through metal arts. My background is in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota and I have exhibited work in Minnesota, the Bay Area, New York, and at Burning Man with Flaming Lotus Girls in 2016. I have worked professionally in education, the arts, was the Team Build Program Manager here at The Crucible, and am currently an Admissions Director at an EdTech startup based in SF. I love inspiring people to live out their passions, dreams, and creative outlets and I look forward to seeing you in the welding and jewelry departments. Feel free to send me a note at [email protected]!