Sam Schumacher

Glass Blowing Department Co-Head
Teaching Since: 2015
Involved Since: 2005
Department(s): Glass Blowing
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"I first became enamored with the process of working hot glass, and its ability to emulate a seemingly endless array of other media. My sculptural work is primarily comprised of organic forms, fabric-like textures and experimentations in deflation. I became interested in the idea of visually soft subject matters portrayed in a such a hard medium because of the dissonance I experienced when interacting with an object that looks as if it should be moving or flowing, but is instead rigid, and immune to decay.
I am fascinated by historical and traditional techniques in glass-making and bring them into my work, integrating them into a modern aesthetic. I work to emphasize the natural tendencies and capacities of glass; at times, working freely with little to no preconceived notion of the end product, to allow heat and gravity to influence the piece. The qualities of the medium; its fragility and simultaneous lack of decomposition are main sources of my inspiration, along with natural formations of stone, plant life and their inevitable decay and transformation."