Rikki Smeltzer

Department(s): Ceramics, Jewelry, Leather, Textiles, & Fine Art


I am an 80’s child, raised in Lawton, Oklahoma with many cultures due to the presents of the military base Fort Sill.  I was deeply involved in my Native American Culture, as they were a majority of the people in my community.   My education includes Culinary Arts, Cartography, Metals and Jewelry Design, Ceramics, and Bookbinding.  I live here in West Oakland where I work on the house with my husband, I also do the yard work.   

I want to make the items for today’s ritual. It has always been a part of man to replace what was lost, this has become dominate in current civilization, known as disposable items, making situations and routines mundane. I look to bring back the appreciation of the items in our lives and how they aid us. In making items that are cherished by the individual and not tossed away or passed on. Its’ journey was made with the owner and will stay with the owner through death.