Johannes Valvur

Crucible Staff Since: June 2020


/ make fun / references and questions knowledge / history and the visibility of reality / what passes under our feet / what exists but is unseen / culverts and storm drains / recorded or discarded / everything is sacred / inter-community peace / knowledge of the sun / variety of nodal accesses / heading towards collective suicide / how do i pray / one burning bush pretty much looks like another / fear of safety and cleanliness / moral:(mōr•āl: a social agreement) / serious memes / seemingly banal or corny / any attempt to drag culture into the art sphere will be a failure / worship war-shop / malleability systems / divergence of the best intention and nature / there exists a thing as too much comfort / something about healing or was it catharsis? / plurality of signification codified / trinity of inequity / science has aided and abetted capitalism / as if rage requires cognition / please gently remind me i am not the central figure / disgust rendered / unimpressed yet inspired / unfinished business / there's no greater passion than wanting to alter someone else's work / punching down is never a good look / heaven is a dog park / i’ve said and done some bad things and for that and more i am sorry / scum adjacent / the edge of all aerosols / hatred for john locke / wanting to die is conservative / constriction until something new comes along / progress doesn’t have to equal rules / this methodology is a lack of faith in which we are driven to find alternate methods in which to circumnavigate / patrician of spite is the enabling / some things have multiple names / speculation except for when it’s not / embrace /