Jim Stucker

Welding Department Co-Head
Department(s): Welding
Website URL: judojim.com



I'm a native of the Midwest, an adopted son of the South, and California is now my home. I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Political Science after several years of working in a variety of fields including the construction business, offshore petroleum, agricultural and real estate.

I started out as a construction pipe welder, and after a few years found that I enjoyed teaching this skill to others. After a few years as a welding professor I turned my deep interests in the welding arts into a career in underwater welding. I worked on the research and development of underwater welding processes and procedures, and I trained deep-sea divers the art of electric arc welding underwater. After the research, the training, and the testing, I would then become team leader on the various deep-sea welding projects worldwide.

The bottom of the ocean is a fascinating place, but the job is best left to younger sailors, and so, during the off seasons I began several small offshore construction-based companies that prospered and failed as the petroleum markets vacillated. Those economic changes afforded me the opportunity to switch gears and become involved in what I call survival farming. That's right: corn, soybeans, hay, cows, chickens, goats, and an extremely large garden all serviced by diesel tractors, hybrid seed, oil-based chemicals, electric fences, blood, sweat and swearing. And, lo and behold, the prices of farm products sunk, so...

After all that, I told myself that I needed to find a recession proof job that is immune to economic circumstances beyond my control, and that’s when I fell in love with Academia. That’s right, math, physics, English, philosophy, political science, and no more blood, sweat or swearing. Now, I are smarter!

There are 118 elements in the Periodic Table, 91 of these elements are classified as metals…

Come join me in the Crucible Welding Department, and I promise we’ll have some fun as we learn together how to sew metals together with FIRE!