Janet Hayes

Department(s): Glass Flameworking
Website URL: www.janethayesstudio.com/



My art education began in the 1990’s, when I learned traditional silver jewelry fabrication and enameling at Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. When silver metal clay was introduced, the new medium allowed me to explore alternative techniques for shaping and texturing metal. In 2010 I began studying glass flameworking at the Crucible. Glass art opened the door to an exciting world of color and light. Much of my recent work is mixed media jewelry, with flameworked glass beads having a prominent place.

Glass is a magical medium. The natural flow of molten soda-lime glass can be coaxed to mimic organic forms—the spiraling eddies of tidal pools or the shimmers of distant galaxies. My glass pieces often incorporate silver in various forms, as well as dichroic and reactive glass, to create iridescent effects. The unpredictable nature of these materials adds a thrilling element of discovery to the ancient craft of flameworking.