Daniel Stauber

Glass Casting & Coldworking Department Head
Teaching Since: 2011
Involved Since: 2006
Department(s): Ceramics, Glass Casting & Coldworking, Glass Fusing & Slumping
Website URL: danielstauber.com/



Daniel Stauber's first casting and fusing classes began in January 2011. He studied with Warren, Janet Hiebert, and Mary White. They showed him a range of possibilities of working with glass. Glass is an amazing media. The potential seems limitless.

Art was not a part of Daniel's youth. Music was the first art form that he began exploring when he was twenty. His mentors were anonymous, and he decided to adopt their Theory of Obscurity whose primary axiom is that art is done for oneself with a minimum of external input. The artist reaches deeper inside their self for inspiration rather than look outward. Daniel remained anonymous. It worked. But he wanted more.

After a stint in academia, Daniel approached computer art but soon felt disassociated from it. It is virtual and not tactile enough. He began taking basic art classes at local community colleges and settled in on painting for a while. His West Oakland environment presented him with other media and his continual desire for something new resulted in creating metal sculpture. This led him to The Crucible. Finding metal somewhat burdensome, he began taking glass casting and fusing classes in January 2011. Despite the long history of glass, he is amazed by the incredible artwork of today’s glass artists. However, he now spends an equal amount of time with clay. What comes next?