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Cathy Niland

Teaching Since: June 2021
Crucible Staff Since: June 2019
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Cathy Niland grew up just outside of Boston, MA and has considered herself an artist since childhood. She earned her BFA at Pratt Institute in 2012, with a concentration in drawing and a focus on ceramics and art history. Since then, she has established her business selling functional ceramics at Bay Area craft fairs, in stores, and in her online shop. She also teaches beginner wheel-throwing classes at Merritt Ceramics in Oakland and started teaching youth hand-building classes at The Crucible during summer 2021.

Before joining The Crucible as Marketing and Communications Associate in 2019, Cathy was the Communications Manager for Oakland non-profit Cat Town, helping hard-to-place cats find homes throughout the East Bay. She also serves as a Social Media consultant for the non-profit, Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project, helping increase healthy food access and education for East Oakland families and beyond.

In her spare time, Cathy enjoys roller skating, hiking, and trying new restaurants.