Alex Perez

Teaching Since: March 2016
Involved Since: January 2016
Department(s): Kinetics & Electronics


"I've been working with electronics for the last 10 years. I studied electrical engineering
in college, where my biggest takeaway was developing an engineering mindset.

I switched gears after college and became a fulltime musician, while still, channeling
my interests in electronics and engineering through tinkering with any and all of the
electronics involved with the electric guitar. I eventually became ""the guy"" in my
musical community that would fix guitars or diagnose amplifiers, and had the seemingly
obvious epiphany that I should build amps for a living - my initials are A.M.P. after all.

But music came to a halt after I decided I wanted to go back to school for engineering,
which was also shelved after I got a job as a data analyst. I quickly realized I hated
analysis, which was too subjective, and started to groom myself as a software engineer.
I currently work as a remote software engineer, which fulfills all of my interests as a
problem solver and an artist (code has a guise of being beautiful).

All of this time, however, electronics was still on my mind. I truly believe that our
closest way of interacting with the physical and quantum world is through manipulating
electricity, and I wanted to feel that again. This brought me to The Crucible. Through
looking for workspaces to resume my tinkering, I found this magical place with an
overwhelming sense of community that also offered education in lots of cool fields that
got people's hands and minds working. I came on as a faculty member in early 2016 and
currently serve as co-department head (we're a small department). In my short time here,
I've gotten back into the engineering mindset that I've wanted so badly, and ultimately
hope to produce tools and art alongside the rest of the awesome talent here at The Crucible."