Since 1999, The Crucible has brought our community of artists, neighbors, families, students, and makers together for events ranging from artists’ talks and demos to fire performances, benefits, and community open houses. In-person events are all currently suspended due to the shelter-in-place mandate. For updates about all upcoming events, subscribe to our newsletter.

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Bike Shop: Free Events and Education

The Crucible is offering free, community bike maintenance and education to West Oakland and neighboring community members through our quarterly Bike Fix-A-Thons and Open Bike Shop Hours. Drop off your bike for a tune-up or learn basic bike maintenance skills from our faculty and volunteers.

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2021 GIFTY: Craft Show & Open House

After our all-virtual event last year, we are thrilled to be hosting our annual GIFTY Craft Show & Open House in person this holiday season. Join us for three days of the best shopping in the Bay Area, along with family-friendly activities, live demos from our talented faculty, $25 off classes, and more!

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Fire Arts Festival® 2009

{youtube}VyxZJPsuS9k{/youtube} The Crucible’s 9th Annual Fire Arts Festival Wednesday – Saturday, July 15-18, 2009 8:00PM – 11:59PM NEW LOCATION THIS YEAR! (see where) 2009 Festival Recap Gallery | 2009 Soirée Recap Gallery Jump To: About The Festival The Rootabaga Opera Patron Pavilion Fire & Light Soirée Line-Up & Artists Discounts & Quick Entry Places to Stay New Location / Directions Photo/Video Policy Fire Arts Arena Rules 2008 videos/images 2009 videos/images 2009 Soirée photo gallery About The Fire Arts Festival Each July The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast. The Fire Arts Festival is our major fundraising event, and proceeds benefit The Crucible’s arts education programs for youth and adults. You’ll be dwarfed by gigantic sculptures, get hands-on with interactive installations, and experience an eye-popping array of cutting edge fire sculpture and art from the all over the country. Each evening, fire performers will awe and amaze the most discerning pyrophile and you’ll be dazzled by incredible music and dance performances. It’s the must-see event of the summer. More Bang for the Buck – Literally! This year we will be expanding the festival in a new, larger location. Our new Oakland location is three times larger than years past, giving attendees more elbow room and us the ability to bring you more of your favorite artists. We will have more fire and light sculptures, food and merchandise vendors. In addition to our regular performances, we will feature the world premiere of Dan Cantrell’s The Rootabaga Opera   a>. Oh, and did we mention that entrance into the Fire Arts Festival will be cheaper this year too! This year ticket service fees will be included in the price of the ticket, making the total cost of entrance into the festival more affordable than last year.   Dan Cantrell’s The Rootabaga Opera The 2009 Fire Arts Festival will feature the world premiere of Dan Cantrell’s The Rootabaga Opera, a narrative musical presentation inspired by the children’s stories of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and treasured American folk music historian Carl Sandburg. This one-act musical journey weaves individual stories into a narrative arc staged in a theatrical format. The material will be informed by the diasporic culture of American immigrants during the dramatic turning of the 19th century as seen through Sandburg’s stories. Through a unique blend of early American, Chinese, and Eastern European music, this opera will explore the roots of the Bay Area’s musical and cultural identity. Compositions will be complimented by an interdisciplinary collaboration of fire arts, puppetry, dance and theatre. The piece will reflect the ideas, characters and text found in Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories and his collections of American folk music while venturing into new areas of collaboration and musical exploration based on the interaction of the diverse range of performers. The musical ensemble, directed and conducted by Emmy award-winning composer Dan Cantrell, will feature some […]

Fire Arts Festival – Applications

Wednesday – Saturday, July 15-18, 2009 Call for Artists and Performers We invite you to submit your work for inclusion in our 2009 Fire Arts Festival. Jump down to Applications The Crucible is a non-profit arts education center that fosters a collaboration of arts, industry and community, teaching and showcasing fire, metal, glass and light art in the East Bay for over ten years. The Crucible offers over 700 classes to over 8,000 students every year in everything from bronze casting to neon, welding, glass working, blacksmithing, and fire dancing. Events like the Fire Arts Festival help support The Crucible’s programs and allow us to continue offering them to the community. Dedicated to the creative use of fire and light, The Crucible is known for its innovative and stunning public events and fundraisers, uniting artists from diverse disciplines. We’d like to invite you, as a performer or artist, to get in touch and tell us how you’d like to participate in this year’s event. The Fire Arts Festival will take place July 15-18 at a NEW LOCATION in Oakland, just off the Bay Bridge. There will be a full program of art, performance and education throughout four days and nights, including music, dance, fire and art demonstrations. This year’s highlight will be the world premiere of an opera specially created for the Fire Arts Festival. The fire arts community and general public will be captivated by this event, and we hope that you will want to be a part of it. You’ll get ample set-up and breakdown time and we’ll be doing extensive outreach and publicity for the event. The Mission of the Fire Arts Festival The summer of 2009 marks the ninth annual Fire Arts Festival, galvanizing education and growth of the fire arts community both on the West Coast and nationally. The Fire Arts Festival is a one of a kind showcase of innovative works of fire and light art, performances and classes. We offer the community a dedicated space and resources that gives them a unique learning and collaborative opportunity. Through providing a meeting place for artists, performers, teachers, students and City officials to share information, the Fire Arts Festival engenders and promotes fire safety and education like no other organization.   Applications and Deadlines Please fill out an online application listed below. To include you in our promotional materials, please send us the items listed below. We prefer support materials sent via email at [email protected], but if necessary please mail your support materials. All applicants should send us the following: • Your art installation or performance application • Fire Safety plan if you are using fire • Digital photos of your proposed installation or performance • Link to your website(s), if applicable • Digital photos of your previous work, if applicable • A 10-15 minute video clip If you have only hard copies of support materials, please mail them to the Crucible at: The Crucible 1260 7th Street Oakland, CA 94607 c/o Events Coordinator Please download, […]

2009 Art Auction & Art Lottery Items

  Fire & Light Soirée Art Auction Items Thanks to everyone who made our Art Auction so successful! Each of the pieces below was sold to the highest bidder during an exciting live auction. Nourot Studios Carla Hall Sunbrothers Benjamin Carpenter Zachary Rudolph Joey Gottbrath Union Street Glass   Rusty Howson Billy Hiebert Gabrielle Kuzsel Rob Jenkins Abigail Lopez Jeremy Lutes Randy Strong Cynthia Handel Fireprint Studios   Alexander Smith   Warren   A.M. Cassandre Gregg Hessel Jay Bridgland Rob Nehring Jeff Benroth The Crucible Norman Moore Mary White Patron Pavilion Art Lottery Items Announcing the results of our Art Lottery drawing! Scroll down or click on the thumbnails below to see the lucky winners. Tachina Rudman-Young Charles Gadeken Arlene Mornick Heath Ceramics Janet Hiebert Stephen Widmark Jana Olson Carol Swift Oscar Ramirez Sabrina Fadial Laurie Marson Tara Murray Zachary Rudolph   The Crucible Rodney Kessler Samantha Plasencia Stephen Stark Vernon Theiss Kristen Hoard Alleghany Meadows Matt Wolpe Gary Wilson   Fire & Light Soirée Art Auction Items Mantle Ovid in Red Satin handblown art glass $450 NOUROT STUDIO Michael Nourot and Ann Corcoran started making glass together in 1974. Over the years they have made all kinds of decorative and functional glass works – from paperweights and perfume bottles to large scale works. They have been glass makers to the Pope, Presidents and major corporations. A TV movie was made about them in 1996, “Alchemy in Light.” What defines the Nourot Studio expression is a commitment to quality material that is handled with technical expertise. Every piece is fully hand formed at the bench in the old world traditions.   page up Lidded Jar forged and fabricated steel, found objects $700 CARLA HALL uses steel to create furniture and sculpture. She has a diverse education including studies at Penland Craft School and the Evergreen State College, where she received her BFA in Metalwork. Her greatest influences come from Japanese folk art and architecture from the Arts and Crafts Era. She currently works as the Youth Studio Manager at The Crucible and runs Red Frog Metal Design.   page up Longstem Rose copper, glass, solar cells, electronics $500 SUNBROTHERS Kevin Gauna started Sunbrothers Studio in 1995 with a desire to create solar powered art. A young, newly graduated engineer, he was fascinated by solar cell technology and inspired by the marvels of a simple backyard garden. His subject matter includes analogs of sunflowers, vining sweet peas, roses, tulips, giant carrots, lilies…this list goes on. He is a self-taught sculptor, and lists metalwork, glasswork, electronics design and solar engineering among the many skills that his artwork and engineering endeavors have led him to develop.   page up Heart (1 of 5 from the “Masters and Slaves” Series – Liver, Stomach, Uterus, Kidney) formed bronze $1,000 BENJAMIN CARPENTER grew up in New England building cardboard forts and various other contraptions with tools smuggled from his grandfather’s garage. Now he spends most of his time metalsmithing and pursuing his other […]

Fire & Light Soirée and Art Auction

  Our July 2009 Fire and Light Soiree was a fabulous success! 250 guests enjoyed a delicious dinner beneath a stunning tent canopy, and generous bidding during our art auction raised funds for The Crucible’s arts education programs. Thanks to everyone who participated in this special evening. Click here to see the Soiree Photo Gallery. Click here to learn more about our Auction & Lottery items.   Soirée catering sponsor:

Events Gallery

Click on an image to view a slideshow of pictures from each event. Fire Arts Festivals® Fire Ballets™ Fire Operas™ Theatrical Events Fire & Light Soirées Friday Night Events Open Houses Volunteer Appreciation Party

Spring Open House 2009

Celebrating Student & Faculty Art Saturday, April 18, 2009 • 11AM to 5PM It was a sunny Saturday and hundreds of visitors shared the excitement of The Crucible as the sparks flew and hammers rang out on steel. Youth demonstrators wowed the crowd with their skills, youngsters pulled parents upstairs to explore in clay, and everyone was invited to be an art critic for the day. Photos by Gary Wilson. Photo Gallery – Click Here People’s Choice Winners 1st PLACE WINNER 1st RUNNER UP 2nd RUNNER UP Destination Unknown by Lee Granberg (cast glass student) Three Cubed Fractal by Robert Revzan (TIG welding student) Fused Glass Plates by Leda Contis (fused & slumped glass student)

Dracul: Prince of Fire – 2009 Fire Ballet

The Crucible Story of Dracul: Prince of Fire This is a crafted turn of events that brought about the start of the vampire legend, based on the actual 15th century historical character who belonged to the Order of the Dragon, a military group that fought the Ottoman Empire. In Romanian he was referred to as Dracul, meaning dragon. Dracul was the father of Vlad Tepes the Impaler, more commonly known as Dracula. The name Dracula means: “Son of Dracul”.The story begins with Dracul exploring the dark outer regions of his land. He encounters something both monstrous and magnificent and is attacked. He feels strange fiery venom coursing through his body as it dies. But he is not dead. Dracul awakes infused with a strange power…as a burning desire for blood grows within him. Applying his new-found abilities to an industrial use; he gains great power from building and creating with fire. As Dracul is building his industrial empire, a pair of young lovers seeks shelter from a storm in Dracul’s factory. They text a friend for help, but things turn dark quickly when Dracul’s workers torment them and Dracul falls deeply for the young girl. Trying to flee they are joined by a slayer. A fiery battle begins, but he vanishes in a thunderclap. The slayer and two lovers escape. The friend of the young lovers, Lucy, enters the castle looking for them. Dracul can’t resist Lucy and lures her into his aerie to feed upon her. The young lovers find their friend apparently dead, they begin to mourn her but soon realize that she has been transformed into Nosferatu: the undead. The slayer comes to their rescue and fights the vampire, driving a stake through her once-pure heart. As the young girl mourns her friend Lucy, Dracul descends on her. The young man tries to rescue his love, but he realizes she is no longer his innocent young maid. He must kill her, even if it breaks his heart. Dracul cannot accept that his undying love is now dead and seeks to bring her back to life; using his powers of fire and creativity, he revives her. As they celebrate with a macabre dance, the young man and slayer appear to put an end to Dracul and all he has created. After a monumental battle, two figures walk off into the sunrise, and the legend begins . . . The Music: In 1997 Northern Ballet Theatre commissioned Philip Feeney to create an ballet score based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. We here at The Crucible found the innovative and inspirational score he created to be perfect for our original fire ballet: Dracul, Prince of Fire. As often happens in ballet theater, music director Scott Sterling has made adjustments in this great work in order to best merge it with the talents of our performers. Following in Crucible tradition, he has added a modernized cultural; retrofit within the score that we hope you will enjoy even as we ask Mr. Feeney’s […]

Events at The Crucible

Since 1999, The Crucible has produced a wide variety of events ranging from fundraisers to operas to community open houses. Maintaining collaborations with highly-trained craft and industrial artists, our goal is to reach far and wide into as well as beyond our community to make memorable annual as well as once-in-a-lifetime events. In the past we have hosted or produced the well-known Fire Arts Festival® and numerous Fire Ballets & Fire Operas. Our currently line-up of annual events include the Fireside Lounge series and our Fall and Spring Open Houses. For a list of current planned events, please refer to our Upcoming Events page. At The Crucible, people come together to share skills, and forge objects and friendships. In a world filled with automated technology, The Crucible offers adult and youth students alike a chance to get their hands dirty and make useful or artful objects themselves, from scratch, and from start to finish — and our events are wonderful opportunity to see whats been going on in these times. Please join us!

Holiday Gifty Art Sale 2008

Hot for the Holidays! Shopping at the mall was never like this! Support local artists and community arts education for youth and adults while you get your last minute shopping done at the Bay Area’s most unusual holiday celebration. Whatever holiday you celebrate, spark it up with a visit to The Crucible’s Holiday Gifty celebration. Shop for unique and affordable gifts created by over 60 Bay Area artisans, and experience the excitement of our 56,000 sq. ft. studio, where furnaces roar and sparks fly. • Handmade jewelry, glass creations, sculpture, clothing, ceramics and more • Family friendly fire performers and the Von Stilt family with their flamedeer • Demonstrations of glass blowing, metal casting, and blacksmithing from 11AM to 3PM • Santa arrives at 1PM • Prize drawing at 3PM each day; grand prize drawing Sunday • Refreshments and holiday treats • Learn about classes and workshops that will ignite your own creativity! Performances by: The Von Stilt Family Prescott Circus Clowns   Check us out on ABC 7 News!   Photo Gallery – Click Here   2008 Gifty Vendors Ceramics: T1 Ezme Designs B25 Moriah Hart B10 Susan Boggiano B27 VAM Pottery Clothing/Accessories: B11 AC Clothing and Bags T10 Alpaca by Karim B20 Asian Accents T16 Carolyn Yugo B18 Celestial: Leather and Suede Clothing B24 Daphne Ruff B22 Dandy Brand B29 Field Day Wearables B19 Fiftyseven-thirtythree T25 Jurnecka Creations B26 Like Minded People B2 Lucky Space Monkey B3 Mani Padma T30 Recession Clothing T7 SuperSugarRayRay B13 Violet Star Creations Glass: T2 360 Fusion Glass T19 April Zilber T6 DaVidRo T8/T9 Fireworks Glass Studio T14 Meri Page Design B1 McKeever Studios T34 Nightside Studios Jewelry: T33 19 Moons T36 Aimee Golant T20 Alma Flores B4 The Art of Cheriel Jensen T17 Back Porch Clay Works B23 Baja Nights Jewelry B16 Beadzilla / Crafts by Redvelvet T40 Beebalalou / GewGaw Design T29 Cara London Vintage Re Craft Jewelry T38 Charmed Jewelry B30 Colleen Mauer Designs T4 Daria Salus Jewelry T36 David Casella T26 Elizabeth Wells Oppenheim Jewelry T31 Found Treasures T13 Gail Splaver B9 Heart’s Desire Jewelry T27 Heidi Tarver B14 JP Design & Collection B12 Just ‘Cause Custom Jewelry T32 Kushlani Hall T24 Monica Schmid / Regine Pfanz T3 Nouveau Motley T11 Paula Chan Design Studio B5 Shaya Durbin B17 Silver Productions T28 Tiffany Berger Designs T12 Twilight B15 WELL & Pretty Fun / Rx Designers Wood: B8 Brad Adams B21 William Gray Designs Metal: T22 Liz Judkins T21 Red Frog Design Photography: B6 MilleFeuille Photography by Shannon Ledford Paperworks: T5 Elaine Chu Graphic Design T39 Miranda Olson B7 Mi Vida Creations Mixed/Misc.: T15 Anderson Soap Company T18 Anna Yates Elementary Art T23 Fixed Gear Gal B28 Praise the Gourd Lamps T37 San Leandro High School Food by: Uhuru Pies Performances by: The Von Stilt Family Prescott Circus Clowns

Newsletter Dec 08

Class Highlights • Last Chance for Fall Classes • Holiday Taster Workshops • Winter Schedule is Here! • Hot New Classes for Winter Events • Holiday Gifty Art Sale & Open House • 10th Anniversary Fire Ballet Fundraiser The Crucible Recommends • The Crucible Holiday Gift Guide • Plasma Nation – Float Gallery • Celebrating Craftwomen • Girls Welding Reception Faculty Focus • Tara Murray – Glass Flameworking Ways to Give the Gift of Art • eScrip • eBay Giving Works Program Join The Crucible Community • Call for Instructors • Volunteering CLASS HIGHLIGHTS Last Chance for Fall Classes Calling all fire eaters – here’s a chance to refine your skill and learn new performance techniques from Kristina Cañizares, founder of The Nekyia and veteran performer of many legendary Crucible shows.  Fire Eating & Beyond intensive workshop runs December 13-14th. Learn the ceramic Art of Raku at a weekend intensive workshop December 6-7th.  Bring in your own completed bisque fired pieces and find out how to use organic materials and fire to create incredible surface textures using this exciting process. Raku Fired Ceramic Piece by artist Kathleen Fernald   Get a taste of fire at our Holiday Taster Workshops Where else can you learn a specialized skill and create a unique piece of art in just three hours? There are still some slots available, but register now to be sure you get into the class you want. Workshops run December 6-7th and would make a great early holiday gift or get you started on making gifts of your own.  Choose morning or afternoon classes in blacksmithing, sand casting, glass fusing or flameworking, jewelry making, and resin casting. {Click Here to Learn More}   Winter Class Schedule – Hot off the press! Crucible Members can register now for classes; open registration begins November 25th. If you haven’t received your schedule in the mail, look for it at your favorite pick-up spots around the Bay Area or download a copy here. CHECK OUT THESE HOT NEW CLASSES! Five new classes have been added this winter: CERAMICS Creative Clay Exploration for Parent & Child (3-5 Years) Feb 11- Apr 1 | Wednesdays | 3 – 4PM | with Tachina Rudman Enjoy this special time together as you gently explore the world of clay using art and fun simple movements. sign up now Clay Together for Parent & Child (5-7 Years) Feb 11- Apr 1 | Wednesdays | 4-5:30PM | with Tachina Rudman Take off together into a world of clay and fun. You’ll build magical creatures and worlds for them to explore, pinch pots, make masks and more. sign up now JEWELRY Viking Knit with Art Silver Clay March 7 – 8 | Sat & Sun | 10AM – 2PM | with Arlene Hildebrand Mornick Form a silver wire bracelet using the ancient art of Viking Knit, one of the oldest known forms of knitting, a looping technique that pre-dates traditional knitting by centuries. sign up now Enameled Beads April 4 – 5 | Sat […]